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Burned Field

Cloar, Carroll

Burned Field

tempera on board

1969 Gift of Mrs. Blanchette Rockefeller

Carroll Cloar captured memories of the people, places and events of his childhood in Arkansas. Old photographs and his experiences provided a reference point for his art. Cloar depicted life as he remembered it -- the back porch storytellers, fire-and-brimstone Sunday sermons, childhood fears of ghosts at the foot of his bed -- in pictorial anecdotes. He used colors that communicated his sensory impression of a place, therefore the sky was not always blue and the grass was not always green. In "Burned Field" Cloar used colors and horizontal lines in a flat composition to convey the feeling of a vast field. He based "Burned Field" upon his memory of farmers preparing for planting season by burning areas of fields to rid them of thatch and weeds.